Work can play a huge part in maintaining our identity as an individual. Here’s another inspirational story from Fenella…

I work as a family support worker for a large charity. I have 4 children, 17 years to 4.

I manage by knowing that I have a job that is worthwhile and I enjoy.

I like not being somebody’s mum, wife or daughter when I am at work.

I enjoy the different challenges of work which are so different to home life.
The balance for me is working three days. I have no cleaner or gardener and my days not working are spent cleaning cooking washing shopping. The time is only 9:15 to 2:45 in a school day so time feels short sometimes.

My husband works nearer the schools so he does the childcare run which is handy as he leaves work earlier on my work days.

The juggle is childcare and I don’t always think the balance is right. My mother helps take my youngest to school and another goes to club at school and we use a childminder.

This can get messy as it is different each working day. School can just cancel a club due to bad weather or the teacher is off sick and I am left trying to sort something from work. My dear mother normally helps out if she can but it can be stressful, as can sick children. My older two are easy now and look after themselves to a certain degree and due to being an older mum I know how short these years are and to make the most of family life.

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